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Y'all Are Amazing!

Let's just say we have the best supporters ever. We have been overwhelmed with the response to the challenge we put out for tomorrow's #givingtuesday efforts. We asked you to help us make sure every one of the kiddos at BGCH could receive a Christmas Card from someone in the States. Not only did that happen, but we are working right now on seeing that every child will receive TWO cards! We are just short about 80 cards, but we know that will be covered by our deadline of December 10. We have zero doubt. Because y'all take giving SERIOUSLY.

It feels so good to be able to do something tangible for these children. It's hard being on the opposite side of the globe. You don't get to see the fruit of your sacrifice and labor. The laughs, the excitement, the only can imagine from the few still shots we post here and there. It matters. It will make a difference. But it's also just a part of how you can help.

Now comes another vital sacrifice - money. #GivingTuesday is also about giving of your resources, your money, to make sure we can keep doing what we are doing. Here's where things are at this point:

It's hard to admit, but it's true. We can't exist and continue to do what we do without money. We want to make sure that our children CAN be "Home for Christmas", that our doors can remain open and can continue providing as it has for many, many years. To finish this year being able to meet all of the needs before us, we are needing $120,000. We know that somebody, maybe you, is the one that the Father will nudge to help meet this need. We don't know who, we don't know how, but like Brad said, we do know that the Lord's arm is not too short. If He can feed over 600,000 men for Moses, I bet he can take care of our 250 children and staff.

Maybe He wants to use you to do it. Maybe you couldn't give time tomorrow, but you CAN give money.

Pray about it. He'll show you, just like He's showing us day by day.

His arm is not too short.

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