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What's Going On?

We've been asked this a lot lately. A whole lot. And it makes our hearts SO happy when we are because it means you care. You are thinking of us and of the 89 girls and 50 boys who are now back within the walls of BGCH. You've been so patient with us as we have trudged through so much uncertainty, change, confusion, frustration, sickness, isolation and distance. These past 17 months have been unlike anything we have ever experienced. Much has changed. Much is still the same. We thought we would try explain how things are right now as we jump into September and this next school year.

In November 2020 9th and 10th grade classes were allowed to return to BGCH, and then in January 2021, 5th-8th grade classes were also allowed. As we all know, India was then struck with the pandemic and schools were quarantined once again. As schools begin for the fall of 2021, students from all ages are now being told that they can return to campus per the government's legislation. As of right now we have a total of 89 girls (22 of which are brand new to our home) and 50 boys (16 of which are brand new to our home). We have11 girls and 9 boys who decided to continue after their 10th grade year in further training and education, and we gladly continue to provide for and support them as well. Until they are on their feet, gotten married and/or have completed their education, we will stay right beside them and help them.

Not all of the children who were with us before have returned yet. There could be many, many reasons. Even in a normal year, many children continue to wander back over the first few months of school. So we haven't given up hope that they may return. Within the next few weeks we will have as close to a finalized roster as possible and will try to reconnect you as sponsors with your child, or perhaps introduce you to one of the 38 new students who now call BGCH "home".

For now, we work each day to make BGCH feel a little more like home for our newbies...because change is hard, no matter how good it is, and homesickness is a real thing. Sometimes a few new toys are just what the doctor ordered. Maybe these smiles can brighten you day...just like it has ours.

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