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So How Did It Go?

We get this question a lot - and we are so, so glad we do. Because to us, it means you care. It means you are listening. It means we are not alone in this effort to make sure that the ones who need hope are able to find it. After our annual Russellville benefit event, it often takes a week or two for things to settle down a bit and for us to have a more clear answer to that question. And now that we have taken our deep breaths and have tied up some loose ends, we are ready to say that once again we shake our heads and say, "God is awesome!"

Despite social distancing, masks, limited seating, canceled auction, and no desserts, this year's benefit event brought in over $40,000 thanks to friends, family, event sponsors, a whole lotta volunteers, and our awesome Creator. The One who holds the future of everything in His hands holds the future of BGCH right there too. He knows our needs better than we do. And we believe that He faithfully, and according to His promises, used your gifts to take care of us. Exceedingly and abundantly. He alone knows what the future holds. And that night He reminded us that He's got this. So thank you. Thank you for your open hearts and open hands. Thank you for obeying His voice. We pray you will be blessed as we have been.


On an additional note, the concert t-shirts this year were adorable!  Maybe some of our favorites yet.  And the good news is, there are still some available!  If you would like to have a ONOC t-shirt of your very own, but were unable to attend the Benefit Concert, there is a solution!  For a gift of $15 or more, you can receive a T-shirt of your choice ( as long as supplies last ).  Click here to check if your size/color is still available. Once you have decided, simply indicate your color and size when you send in your cash/check gift, or email us at if giving an online gift, and we will be happy to ship your order to you!  FREE SHIPPING! Cash, check or credit/debit cards are accepted. We are not set up to take orders directly through the website, unfortunately, so feel free to email us if choosing to pay online. We'll get you taken care of.

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