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Smiles and Tears

We weren't sure if pictures like this would even be possible this year. Smiling faces and new Christmas outfits are one of the traditions around the campus of BGCH at this time of year, as well as fun sweets, special programs and letters to sponsors. Programs and sponsor letters were not able to happen in time - for a variety of reasons. But our Director and staff made sure that the day didn't go by completely without celebration. Don't the kids look so good in their Christmas outfits? They want you to know how thankful they are for the donations many of you sent to help make their gifts happen. In a year that was filled with loss and disappointment, this was sure a bright spot for everyone.




We are thankful for the health and strength that has been given to each of the children who have been able to return. One of the girls, "A", shared a very personal story of how her Creator sustained her through her own battle with Covid and then made it possible for her to come back to BGCH. It was a very special watch night service as we rang in the 2021 year.


We pray this New Year brings each of you new hope, joy, health and happiness. Happy New Year from the family of BGCH!

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