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Safety and Security Threatened

Covid-19 has not been the only difficulty that the family of BGCH has had to face during the past few months. The safety and security of those on campus was threatened by more than just a virus. Watch the following video sent to us by our staff on campus to see how our Father continues to protect and provide, even during a pandemic.

Just over two weeks ago, government officials informed our Home that they would be closing the Covid Care Centre. However, as news spread of the closure, we were informed by the same officials that people were INSISTING to stay at the BGCH Covid Care Centre. They were not as comfortable staying at other centers. There was something different about the care at BGCH. We know what that difference was, don't we? Praise our Father for this amazing chance to be love and light in the darkness around us. Please continue to pray!

As of now, we have 26 suspected patients in our Covid Care Centre. The gate work shown in the video is completed, and all of the staff, children and patients are safe, protected and doing well. To this point, even with the spread of the virus, our "family" is still well and no one has fallen ill.


We couldn't offer this care and be this light without the financial support that has continued to be given, even during these very difficult times. On Friday, August 21 at 6:30 CT, we will be hosting our annual benefit concert event, "One Night One Cause". The purpose of this event is to raise the funds necessary to keep our doors open, our lights on, the bills paid and ensure that the beautiful children and people of this country we serve will continue to be shown His light and His love through this Home - BGCH.

Would you please consider making plans to join us virtually (or in-person if you live in the Russellville, Arkansas area)? There will be opportunities to donate and you will be blessed by the music of these fabulous musicians who have all donated their time and gifts to help us out.

A link to the event will be provided via email, posted on our social media sites, and on our website as well. Please contact us if you have any questions about the event.

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