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One of Our Boys Is Very Sick

BGCH's children are no different than children in other parts of the world. They too get sick. We have been so grateful that usually the sickness is something that we can take care of on campus. This time it isn't.

Pravin entered BGCH in 6th grade last school year. In February 2018, Pravin's father died of liver failure most likely related to years of alcohol abuse. His mother frequently has to work outside the home to provide for Pravin and his older brother. She was worried for Pravin's safety when he would often be alone in the house while she worked. So she brought him to BGCH where he would be safe, well fed and supplied with a good education.


A tumor was found on Pravin's fibula, or lower leg. Tests showed that it was Ewing's Sarcoma. To this point it is localized and there has been no metastasis, but treatment is very desperately needed. The director of BGCH messaged us with the information and asked he should do...send him back to his mom who would be unable to afford any help, or try to provide treatment. We never hesitated for a moment. He's staying.

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