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On Their Way

As I am writing this post, Brad just texted to let me know that he has safely landed in Doha. After a 15-hour flight, he is just another 9-10 hours away from campus where he will finally get to lay eyes on the children we love after THREE years of not being able to travel to the country.

And because of so many of you, he isn't traveling alone. He is accompanied by two huge duffel bags full of goodies. Goodies that came from all of you.

We asked for volunteers to help us make sure every child would get a card from someone in the States and we were blown away. Volunteers made so many cards that we were able to send not one, but TWO, Christmas cards for each child, staff member and staff members' children as well.

And as if that wasn't enough, making this Christmas even brighter, Ms. Tina Taylor and a handful of her EAST Lab class at Pottsville Junior High in Pottsville, Arkansas volunteered to make over 250 personalized stockings for every child at BGCH. They made the patterns, cut them out, stitched the stockings, programmed the embroidery machine and filled with candy canes the most precious stockings our children have ever received. Their time and hard work mean more than the stockings themselves to us.

Pottsville EAST Lab helpers (R-L) Ms. Tina Taylor, Isabella Freeman (9), Johnnie Myers (8), Jaci Sanders (8) and Sarah Palmer (BGCH)

So many friends, so much love - we can't thank everyone enough. In just a few days our friends will see all that you have done to help them know the love of a Savior who was born to save them, to love them in a way that is much deeper than cards and stockings. You were the hands and feet of Jesus. And that friends, is what Christmas is all about.

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