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We are learning to make the most of every moment, because sometimes life takes unexpected turns.

For the few brief months that we had students, we did all we could to redeem the time we had been without them. Beginning in November, we were allowed to open our doors to older students, mostly ninth and tenth graders. As the next few months unfolded, other students joined our family once again until we had over 80 children back within our care. We thanked God for each and every one.

While we had time, we chose to have the students write to their sponsors. Although a few did not have sponsors, even they wrote letters - in faith believing that maybe they had one they didn't know about, or that one would come soon. Soon some of you reading this now will receive your letter. Others will not, simply because their child had not yet been able to return.


It was a good thing we seized that moment.

Today, as you know, things look a whole lot different than they did just a month or so ago. India is being ravaged by sickness and death. The numbers are staggering, almost unfathomable, and every single life has been touched. And that includes those lives that live at BGCH. Once again our doors had to close and children had to be sent away. Only a few who have no known living relative are able to stay on our campus. It is a devastating, heartbreaking time.

Our campus director and his family, our previous director, and many other staff have been infected, some becoming very ill. By God's grace we have been able to see them all recover. But many have not. The number of children who are orphaned and need BGCH is growing daily. Yet for now, we can do nothing. Nothing but pray. Pray that God will deliver them to us in His perfect timing. Pray that God's protection will remain over them as we wait.

Our needs are still great. The costs of fuel, food, supplies, etc. are 200-300% higher than they once were. The government demands that we supply the equipment and materials necessary to run the Covid Care Center that is on our campus. This includes cots, oxygen, food, and other supplies involved in running a clinic such as this. Our center is for emergency cases of women and children only.

Don't let today slip away without appreciating the little things. Make the most of this day. Help when you can help. Give when you can give. Call when you can call. Pray while you can pray - the scriptures call us to "pray without ceasing". Now is a great time to remember that charge to us all. Please pray for India.

Easter celebrations right before lockdown began.

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