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"Praise God...the wait is over!"

A year ago this month we received news that the renewal of BGCH's Foreign Contribution Regulation Act license (FCRA) was indefinitely on hold. This "hold" set into motion a series of consequential events. For the past year, we have been unable to provide funds to the campus in the traditional way - the bank. Their account was frozen. Our efforts to help supply for the needs of over 200 children and multiple staff members were greatly severed. We didn't know how or when the license would be renewed, and moving forward became more and more desperately challenging. Continuing the work that began over 124 years ago seemed daunting, to say the least. We continually asked you for your prayer support as we sought discernment and wisdom about how to navigate these unchartered waters. Through a divinely appointed network of friends, both in India and the US, ways were made to pass along the bare minimum of resources to take care of the children and staff. At times the supply was meager, but it was sufficient. We saw the Provider make a way, especially when we didn't know when or how. We learned that His timing and ways are perfect. So we continued to pray, and wait, and pray some more. Today, we can officially share that our FCRA license has been restored, the bank account unfrozen, and our first official remittance of was successfully wired and deposited last week! Can we get a whoop whoop?! Thanks to the work of our Director, his family and some very dear friends of BGCH, the Government of India has renewed the license for five (5) years. They were clearly in the place at the right time. Nothing is a coincidence.

Above: Our staff held a night of "Thanksgiving Worship" this past week to say thank you to the many people who have played a part in helping us through this past year.

NOW, we have some major ground to make up. There is considerable debt incurred by our Indian campus that must be repaid. Our ability here in the States to continue to raise funds for the work of BGCH this past year as we waited was drastically affected. Our staff in India often covered expenses for the children from their own pockets, local merchants extended lines of credit because of our excellent history with them, and now those merchants are also desperate to be repaid. Understandably so, and we want to repay them ASAP. We are beginning to be able to seek out ways again to fund their need, but we cannot do it alone. We are in a place that we did not get into overnight, and we know that it will take time to recover. That's OK. But then we also know the One who holds us in His mighty hands. With Him, absolutely NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. His economy is different and His timing is perfect, very often not like ours. He's already shown us that all we need to do is be still, be faithful with what He gives our hands to do, KNOW that He is able, and then hang on for the ride. We are hanging on tight!

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