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Is There a Doctor in the House?

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Every year at BGCH we are are able to participate in an organized medical check-up "camp" for our children. Thanks to the tremendous generosity of Kothara Community Leprosy Mission Hospital, several doctors travel to our campus, at no cost to BGCH, and run the children through a series of exams to make sure that they are healthy and up to date on all of their screenings. Today was "camp day" and we are thankful to announce that it was a good day!

And while we are thinking of our kids and their health, we thought we would give you the latest update on Pravin. Pravin is still recovering from his surgery but is feeling much better. It is a long journey however, with 13 more chemotherapy treatments and 23 radiation treatments still remaining. Please continue to pray for strength and healing for him. We continue to trust the promises we know are true for Pravin.

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