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History Repeating Itself

If you have had the chance to look through our website at all, you may have come across an often overlooked, yet deeply valued and vital page of who we are called "Our History". And if time allowed, you may have even gotten the chance to read a few paragraphs about the where and when and why and how of BGCH. If so, then you might understand our statement that for BGCH, history is in many ways repeating itself.

You see, BGCH (or BCH then) was birthed during a crisis.

Poverty, caused by famine and flu epidemics, had left many children parentless. Orphans lived on streets with nowhere to lay their heads, no food to fill their bellies, no one to watch over them.

BCH and Mukti Mission (a home for orphaned girls) joined together to take care of these boys and girls who "littered" the streets of towns and villages throughout India.

Today, BGCH is providing a home again for those left stranded by a pandemic, without food, without a home, without anyone to watch over them. Because of unemployment, 28 migrant workers were brought to BGCH by government officials this past week.

They had been walking for five days.

They left their homes in another state to search for work...or food...or a place to rest.

They got caught.

So now they are with us - on the grounds of BGCH where our staff serves them, showering them with the love of the Father and with the essentials they desperately need. For how long? We don't know. But the Father does, and He will continue to provide.

So far we have no Covid-19 patients to quarantine on our campus. And of course, we are hopeful that no positive patients will need to come. But we are ready if that's what He wants from us. Until then, we serve like Pandita did, like the Nortons did, like others before us have - in whatever way the Father provides.

During this time, when things are so out of our control and don't look at all like they have, please know that we are still here, today. We are still being His Hope, His Love and His Home. Your support is still making a difference in lives in ways that wouldn't be possible without you. Your prayers and gifts still matter. The covered faces in each picture are proof. Don't give up!

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