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A Father to the Fatherless

June. A month of graduations and parties for many. And at BGCH that is also true. Usually. This year however looked different. Our graduates (10th grade) had a very unusual end to their year as the pandemic continued to escalate. Because the year was spent mostly away from campus, and tests for graduation were not administered as they usually would have been, there was an emptiness that could have swallowed up the joy that we are used to celebrating.

Tenth grade boys

Tenth grade girls

Instead, we chose to focus differently. To celebrate what we did have. And June came at the perfect time for that celebration. What we did celebrate were the men who have sacrificed much so that our children can experience the love and care of a Father. Some of the children have known their biological fathers. Others have never known who their father is, or if they do, it has not been a good relationship. Many of our children have only experienced abuse, fear, loneliness, anger and addictions at the hands of their father.

We are blessed to be led by men who not only love the heavenly Father with their whole hearts, but who also love the children of BGCH and sacrifice for them daily so that they can know a different way, a different love. A love that guides, counsels, teaches and provides. These men put feet to the promise of Psalms 68:5 that declares the truth that our God is a father to the fatherless. And Father's Day at BGCH is a time when we can say "thank you" in a simple, yet heartfelt, way to each of our "Fathers

Pastor Wele

Mr. Nitnaware

General Director - Pranay Nitnawarey

To each of the Fathers who pour into our lives, we say 'Happy Father's Day!" We love you!

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