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July is the time of year that opens our doors again to the beautiful lives that we get to walk side by side with. Some are returning students, others are brand new to BGCH. All are coming with needs that we are blessed and ready to help provide for.

This year we have already seen 180 students quickly fill the roster. The number of children who come asking for admittance each year is staggering. Our staff works tirelessly to try to determine the cases with the greatest need. Inflation has drastically affected our budget and operating costs. So much so that we have made the very difficult decision to adjust the number of children we can admit this year. Our goal is to provide quality AND quantity, but for now, we are having to step back and focus on quality again in hopes that soon we can adjust to more students.

Last year we admitted 275 students which was a number quite a bit higher than we have had in previous years. This year, by necessity, we are attempting to keep the number closer to 200 children. Please pray for our staff as they labor over these decisions. One day we hope to be open to ANY who want to come. Until then, we thank God for each life we can touch, each smile we can help bring, and each heart that will find Hope in their Creator.

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