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Take a look at the impact your gifts made in the lives of the children of BGCH in 2021.

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A Look At 2021: About
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One of the returning students became tearful as she shared her story of recovery from Covid and the gift of being able to return to BGCH after her sickness.


To begin the year, our campus numbers were much smaller than usual with under 50 children being allowed to live on campus due to covid protocols.

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Making a difference one child at a time - For Sakshi, one of our older girls, this meant that through BGCH and after 12 years, she was able to finally meet her father.  He could neither speak nor hear, but through sign language and tears he expressed his appreciation and thankfulness to BGCH for taking care of his daughter.


As things started to slowly open back up, children began coming back to campus.  As February began, 86 children had been re-admitted to the campus and things were beginning to look a little more like normal.

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The coronavirus began to increase day by day and as a result, BGCH was once again put into lockdown.  This time however, the 86 children we had were able to remain with us on campus and thanks to your donations, we were also able to continue operating the Covid Care Center that was occupying our previous Home of Peace.


While locked down on campus, our students took advantage of the free time and chose to write letters to their sponsors.    Currently approximately 65% of our students have at least one sponsor. That means that 35% do not.  If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of one of those children, please email us at for information on how to get started.  It's super easy!

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Easter, a time of rebirth and new life, brought much needed good news as we celebrated the decision of five college students to follow the King with their lives.  And seven more chose to participate in Baptism as a way to share their faith in the Father.


Covid struck BGCH.  Our staff and several children became infected as the situation throughout the entire country of India grew out of control.  Many Indians died as a result of a shortage of oxygen.  Black marketing of injections and medicines made getting proper medication and help a serious situation.  Our Covid Care Center was in desperate need of supplies.  We reached out to our supporters and once again God provided.  Through organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and the gifts of our spporters, oxygen and beds were donated and purchased so that we could continue to take care of the many sick, including our own.

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At BGCH we provide for a variety of needs for our children.  Sometimes those needs come in a box.  Shoes for everyone!


Always looking for a way to have special treats - Independence Day certainly gives a reason to celebrate!

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For BGCH, Diwali vacation means a time to learn.  VBS was a tremendous time for our children this year.  They participated in the "Amazing Race" where they learned each day of an Amazing God, an Amazing Christ, an Amazing Holy Spirit, an Amazing Church and the Amazing Bible.  We are so thankful to those who made this week possible!


As 2021 ends we are able to reflect on God's mercy to us.  Now, in December, over 180 children celebrated the birth of the King and learned of the One who was born and was called Savior.  They celebrated with games and decorating and dancing and food.  But most importantly they learned of one Who has been faithful to us throughout this year, through ups and downs, and who goes with us into 2022 and will continue to provide in His way and His time.

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A Look At 2021: Our Programs
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