One Night One Cause 2019

Welcome to the highlights of ONOC 2019.  We were hoping you could make it.   We prayed and planned and prepared because this is a night that we wanted to matter; not for us, but for Him, for His orphans, for His Kingdom.

We challenged our guests to soak up this night.  We wanted them to sit back and worship in their soul with the notes that were played and the songs that were sung.  We asked them to allow their heart, not only their ears, to hear the passion of a man who was once a child in desperate need of an oasis of hope like BGCH and who now pours out his life for the gospel of his Savior.

We enjoyed this night.  We laughed with our friends. We filled our bellies with good food.  We spent time talking, loving, giving, eating.  Nights like this only happen once a year, so we did all we could to make the most of every moment.

And now, through these pictures, we remember this night.  We remember the truth we heard and the fun we had.  But most of all, we remember that the presence and the gifts of nearly 400 people will be used to make sure that two hundred children at a home on the other side of the world get to feel what we felt this night: love, joy, smiles, full bellies and the knowledge that Jesus loves them so very much and that He invites them, just like He invites you, to "COME TO THE TABLE"

We love you.  Thanks for landing on this page.

~The Family of BGCH~





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