What does a sponsor do and why is it important?

Sponsorship is a way to become more closely connected to one of our children. Through communication with your child, you will begin to develop a relationship with them and will get to learn more about them personally. A picture and short biography of the child is sent to you upon becoming a sponsor and there you will be able to read about their life before BGCH and what or who has brought them to us. When you sponsor a child for $35 a month, your donation is pooled with other sponsors to provide a home, meals, education, clothing, basic medical care and training that benefit your sponsored child as well as the other children of BGCH. The children know and love their sponsors.  They know their names and often ask their sponsor to come and visit them.  They look forward to hearing from their sponsors and photos that are sent to the children are often treasured for years!  It brings a feeling of connection to not only you but to our children as well.

Currently, there are over 70 of our children who are not fully sponsored. If you are interested in signing up for a sponsorship, we’d love to hear from you. There are many options for donations including credit/debit card, automatic draft, Paypal, check and cash.  Please email us at info@bgchm.org so that we can get you started today.


Choose the sponsorship option that fits you best. Once submitted, your sponsor assignment will be made and your welcome packet will be on its way.

  • Monthly Sponsorship

    Every month
  • Annual Sponsorship

    Every year