One Night One Cause 2020

These are unprecedented times and we at BGCH are doing our best to be flexible, yet still fulfill God's plan for the ministry of Boys and Girls Christian Home and each life that it touches.  ONOC 2020 will look the same in many ways, yet different in others.  This year's concert event will be a FREE concert that will be available for both "in person" as well as "virtual" attendance. We will also have our much anticipated One Night One Cause T-shirts for sale, both online and in person as well.  No matter which way you are able to join us that night, please mark your calendar now and be watching your email, our Instagram and Facebook pages as well as our website to stay informed on details about the night.  We are excited to think that in the midst of all of the uncertainty and hard things,  this night can be a time of healing and encouragement that can be shared not just with our friends nearby, but now also with our friends around the world.  It's only weeks away so clear your calendar now!



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