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There are, on average, 200 boys and girls who live under our roofs and who call our campus “home.” Some have no parents, some only one, however, all have been brought to us because there are inadequate means to feed and take care of them. We are here to give them the support they need to help them become people with a future of hope and promise; to help them develop the necessary skills they will carry throughout their lives.  

Unlike many other child sponsorship programs, we provide for ALL of the child’s needs. At BGCH, school-aged children are housed ten months out of the year, with a two-month summer break to visit family members.  The children are fed three meals a day.  We provide uniforms, birthday and Christmas presents. The students are educated both on and off of our campus for both elementary and secondary education, and tuition for trade and secondary schools is also provided.  We maintain buildings and grounds, cover medical needs and supplies, and also pay salaries for house parents and staff.  Lastly, they are taught of One who loves them and who died and lives again so that they may find true and never-ending Hope.

BGCH is funded solely through the generous donations of individuals and private organizations.  There is no government funding.

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